What to Feel

Temple Stay
Temple Stay is a unique opportunity to experience Korean Buddhism, its lifestyle, rituals and spirituality. It generally entails staying at a traditional Buddhist temple, and engaging in daily monastic activities

Hanok Stay
Hanok Stay refers to staying in a traditional Korean house. It is a good opportunity to experience traditional Korean lifestyle and culture. Hanoks contain in their layout and structure the history of ancient Korean architecture and society. A typical hanok is characterized by wooden pillars, mud walls, a daecheongmaru (wooden floor/porch) for temperature control during different seasons, and a courtyard or a garden.

UNESCO's World Heritage
Korea's Cultural Heritage conveys a genuine sentiment of simplicity and peacefulness. The historical background of the heritage is diverse, encompassing the history of Korea from ancient times (Dolmen sites) to the Joseon Dynasty. The sites embody a wide variety of values from tidy and neat artistic spirit to scientific rationality as witnessed in such traditional constructions as a royal palaces or temples. 
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